Core Team

Karan Girdhar

CEO and Founder



Karan is an alumnus of Indian Institute of Forest Management (IIFM), Bhopal. He began his career with the Andhra Pradesh Government (erstwhile), where he had the chance to work closely with the tribal communities and the unemployed youth of the state and learn the on-ground challenges in the implementation of the development programs like MGNREGS, skilling, innovation in development space, etc. Then he worked with a few private-sector agencies to understand the other side of the table, particularly in skilling space. After his extensive experience of working in the Indian development sector, he founded SAB. Since its inception, the organisation has grown its presence to more than 14 states in India and is taking on newer challenges everyday.

Other Members

Arjun Prajapati


He takes care of MIS at SAB

Veesam Raghu


He takes care of training activities at SAB

M Pravin Kumar


Pravin is the hands on professional at SAB